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A People-Focused Accountant

The requirement to submit a tax return - I needed advice as to how to complete it. Nick assisted me in completing the relevant documentation and advised me throughout the process. Yes. My tax return was completed promptly. Completely happy with the service.

Sophie, Nottinghamshire - December 2015

I was not in good hands and satisfied. Nick Cottrill helped me with  its global vision and his competency.With his skill he has clarified our situation and eliminate the causes.

Elke, London - November 2015

My affairs were left in a mess by previous accountant. Nick Cottrill sorted out all the mess and has managed matters to perfection since that time, he has also been appointed as a director of several of my companies. I honestly do not feel that Mr Cottrill could have done any better than he has done and continues to do.

Yoram, Wiltshire - November 2015

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